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4 Layer Muslin Robe

4 Layer Muslin Robe

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Premium Quadruple-Layer Muslin Robe: Soft, Lightweight, and Stylish

Our robe is crafted from the finest quality combed cotton yarn, ensuring the utmost comfort and quality. Made from premium 4-layer muslin fabric, its unique four-layer design enhances absorbency, softness, and breathability. The garment has been pre-washed (garment wash) to prevent any post-wash shrinkage. It's suitable for machine washing following standard care instructions, and it can be tumble-dried. For long-lasting softness and fluffiness, we recommend tumble-drying. It sets itself apart from regular terry cloth robes, as it's notably softer, more absorbent, and 30% lighter.

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Shipping Services: We offer worldwide delivery. You can choose from a variety of shipping options, including air freight, sea freight and road freight. Our flexible options ensure cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery.

Ecotex Certified Yarn: We proudly use Ecotex certified yarns in our manufacturing process. These yarns meet strict environmental and human health standards, reaffirming the excellence of our products and their environmentally responsible design.

Customization Options: Customize this product with your branding to make it uniquely yours. Choose the colors, style and labels that represent your business. You can give this product a corporate identity by personalizing it with your own brand labels.

At Softmuslin we are dedicated to supporting all our customers with bulk production. If you have custom product ideas beyond our offerings please contact us at We are committed to helping you and can easily produce any product you desire. The product you desire. Contact us and together we will bring your unique product concepts to life.

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